March 29, 2023
How to make money on Owodaily

In today’s article, I will be taking you through an online business called Owodaily that can be done by anyone who owns a smartphone and knows how to operate the basic functions of a smartphone.

Time is of the essence as it waits for no one, and as Kiss Daniel, the musician, puts it in his hit song titled “Buga,” which goes like this; “Wake-up, wake-up, don’t sleep, collect your money.” The music perfectly illustrates the journey of an individual who must go against the odds to earn a living and invest wisely in order to avoid the Sapa saga.

Now, without wasting time I will be outlining the step by steps guide on how to start Owodaily and start making money from the platform.

Let’s begin by dissecting the whole operation of Owodaily and its benefits…

What is Owodaily?

Owodaily is a network website that connects advertisers with thousands of users who aim to complete digital jobs, push campaigns, and earn cash rewards when they refer another new user to the platform.

Owodaily can be likened to freelance websites such as Upwork, and Fiver, where gigs or digital jobs are frequently posted for freelancers to apply for and where you can also hire people to work for you.

Who Can Do This Business?

Owodaily is one online business that can be simply done by anyone who knows how to operate his or her smartphone, and the good part is that it can be added as your side hustle to make extra cash.

Who doesn’t want extra cash? Lol

Students, full-time housewives, single moms, Corps members, employed people, and the unemployed can all perform jobs posted on Owodaily.

Types Of Jobs Posted On Owodaily

Just as I have explained, Owodaily is a social media network website where digitally inclined jobs are posted. Examples include; downloading an app, subscribing to a YouTube channel, liking and commenting on a Facebook page, following a Twitter account, following an Instagram account, for example, and so on.

As you can see, these are simple jobs posted on Owodaily.

You get the gist now? Good to go…

Ways You Can Earn On Owodaily

There are actually no limits on how much a person can make using Owodaily. To begin with, it is dependent on the individual’s commitment and consistency, because the truth is that it requires a lot of work, so it is essentially a garbage-in, garbage-out scenario.

Completing Digital Jobs: You can earn money on Owodaily by performing digital jobs posted on the platform.

Social Media Manager: The second way of making money on Owodaily is when you become a social media manager, because the fundamental role of a social media manager is to drive traffic and engagement for the company. The platform makes the work of a social media manager very easy.

Owodaily, social media, and Influencers are inseparable WHY? cos they all need each other to survive.

As a social media manager, making money is quite easy and straightforward because all you need to do is charge your clients, and once they agree and pay you, you bring the job to the platform, where micro-influencers will help you complete your tasks…

As easy as ABC…

Referrals: You will earn money when you refer others to the platform. Owodaily pays 1,600 per invite. Assume you get 10 invites every two weeks, or every month, for a total of 16k per month. It looks promising for a side hustle…

How To Register

To become a bonafide member of the platform you need to register either with a basic plan or a premium plan in quotes. In Owodaily, there are only two categories of membership subscriptions; Owodaily and Owodaily+.

I will give a detailed explanation of the differences btw the 2 categories.

Owodaily(Basic Plan)

The platform’s basic membership plan allows you to get commissions for promoting products, finishing microtasks, cash back, rewards, and even selling items on the website.

Registration cost was formerly 3k but was later increased to 5k at the beginning of the year 2023.

Pros of Owodaily(Basic Plan).

  • Perform jobs Posted on the platform
  • Post jobs on the platform
  • Get a referral commission of 1,600 per invite.
  • Instant access to Owodaily affiliate network to promote digital products and earn commissions
  • It’s a lifetime membership plan

Cons of Owodaily(Basic Plan)

  1. Can’t list products on the platform
  2. No personalized support and faster notification

Owodaily+(Premium Package)

Apart from the access you get as an Owodaily member, you receive even more preferential benefits, which include; invitations to exclusive events, quicker access to a personal account manager, and admission to a select group of people.

This implies that you’ll have more options to earn money and that you’ll be able to do your tasks more quickly and easily.

Same as the basic registration fee Owodaily+ was formerly 13k but was later increased to 15k at the beginning of the year 2023.

Pros of Owodaily+(Premium Package)

  • You get an account manager
  • Access to all offers posted on the marketplace
  • You earn a 3% commission on all deposits of your invites.
  • With Owodaily+ you get to fulfill digital or micro-jobs, earn money via referrals, and also earn money by promoting affiliate offers on the platform’s marketplace.
  • You can list your goods or services on the platform’s marketplace if you own a business. This allows thousands of members to market your company on your behalf.
  • Real-time sales reports and lots more.

Cons of Owodaily+(Premium Pacakge)

  • It comes with an annual renewal fee of 10k, not 15k because 5k is your signup fee and it is a lifetime.

Step by steps guide on how to register

Step One: Register with your correct details using this link

2: Verify your email address via your registered mailbox

3: Log in to make payment for your OWODAILY package.

4: Choose Flutterwave Card payment or another option and accept the terms, then click on your preferred package.

5: Fill in your details and wait for the OTP to arrive to complete your payment.

Once successful, take your first task immediately.

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